I normally do not get the opportunity or have the time to take a moment to let a vendor know how much they are appreciated. I really do enjoy the service that you and your associates provide. The workers that you provide continue to be top notch. The consistency of their work ethic is nothing short of amazing. I do not know how you can keep this type of service up, with some of the short lead times that I give you to provide me with warehouse help. <p> Keep up the good work!!! I know when I call you I have nothing to worry about.

Employment Opportunities

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Employee Benefits

Standard Employee Benefits
Essential StaffCARE - A mini medical health plan
Safety Training - All of our employees undergo a safety training program
Locally Processed Payroll - We process our payroll through our Corporate Office with a Branch Payroll Liason. We pay our employees using either Direct Deposit or Global Cash Card.

Benefits Available at Client Request
Vacation Pay
Holiday Pay

Performance Incentives TMD performs skill and performance testing at our clients’ request

Drug testing - TMD provides mandatory drug screening for all injured workers and offers administration of random drug testing based on client's needs.

Safety Incentives - Our number one priority at TMD is maintaining a safe work environment. See our Risk Management section for more information.

Employee PayStub Login - Click here to login and access your PayStubs



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